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About Allocate

A Humble Beginning

In 2013 with only two thousand dollars and a prayer, Allocate Answering Service was born! Allocate Answering Service started out as a single mother’s salvation to providing for her child financially and being able to stay home to raise her. Despite Allocate growth, God and family remain the highest priority in her daily life and decision making. Allocate was created with the idea that one day I would be able to help other single parents, the disabled who can only work from home, the house parent who needs a second income, the student who needs time to study and anyone who recognizes the benefits that being at home with your family can bring.


To create an environment that allows employees to thrive emotionally, mentally, physically and financially while working from home to promote healthier homes and build strong communities. Our mission is to bring, security, dependability, honesty, integrity, and organization to our clients. We merge the professionalism and consistency of big business, with the accessibility and personal touch of small businesses. 

We are Allocate, happily serving the small business and entrepreneurs of this world. 

Our Mission is to #Allocate for you!


Making: heartfelt efforts to provide an elevated experience to our clients and the promote the growth and development of their business by providing and genuine customer service experience.

Information and Privacy: At Allocate we recognize that at times we will have access to confidential, sensitive or proprietary information. We make every effort to properly and securely handle this information. All agents are HIPAA certified maintaining the confidentiality of information and not sharing it outside of what is strictly required to preform the services needed at that time.

Goals:  To never  lose sight of the beginning. To inspire as we grow and grow as we aspire. To motivate others to success and give them the tools to build a solid foundation. To build a long-lasting legacy for family and community.


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